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Dan Grievous reviews Tipping Points

This was an awesome episode.

From start to finish this should have been the feel of the entire arc but better late than never.
Every scene mattered and was needed in the episode. Something I could not say for "A War On Two Fronts" or "Front Runners".

The action was so fun. Finally a battle I love from "The Clone Wars", it has been a while.

In terms of characters, the heroes really shined while the villains of Onderon as usual did nothing much but sit around and send forces for the Rebels to defeat.
I sure wished Kalani and King Rash did more in the episode but I have nothing against villains that do not fight. After all, I am a huge fan of Tikkes.
Even if Kalani did not do much like other villains from recent seasons, he has had really good lines these past episodes. Especially the one "His army will not withstand the Power of the Confederacy!". That for me as a fan of the CIS and a video maker is a line that can only dream of these days. A line that is perfect for videos.

King Rash was there and he went out as I expected.

For the second time in this arc I care for the good guys. 
As I have said before Saw is my favorite hero of this arc who once more was totally badass. He has proven to be so much fun and worthy of a video tribute.
Lux, General Tandin and the rest were all fine. I even cared and I liked the way Steela's death was done. This was a truly epic moment where everything seemed perfect in my opinion.

Having Hondo Ohnaka in this episode just added even more flavor to the episode. He is always a treat when he comes on screen. He is a real delight even for a few seconds...

In terms of story, this episode was a standard "Heroes win the battle" episode that was executed perfectly.
The end was also great cause for the first time in a while the CIS characters act really reasonable and logical. Yes, they left Onderon but the fact is, as others have pointed out, the Separatists did not lose. They just decided that it was not worth the time and money to continue this conflict with the Rebels. I loved the logic of the villains of this arc. Well, half of them at least. 

But the things that stole the show were the amazing Heavy Missile Platforms aka The Droid Gunships.
They looked amazing, they sounded amazing and they caused amazing havoc and death.

This episode was worth the wait and made me very happy. 

9,5 out of 10 for "Tipping Points".

I just can not stop thinking about the Gunships, they were stellar!

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