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Tikkes never died on Mustafar

Here is something I want to make clear about Tikkes and "Revenge of the Sith" and his "death in the movie" according to some:

1. For years Tikkes was assumed MIA since we all clearly see that he does not die in neither of the versions of the Massacre of the Leaders. The one people mistake for him is actually Po Nudo's aide. Tikkes in ROTS has a lot of white-gray clothing - no Separatist Council leader had white clothing on Mustafar. None of the corpses as well... Like Rogwa Wograta, I think he was still alive during the reign of the Empire.

2. If somebody brings up the pile of dung called "The Complete Encyclopedia" then you are wrong. That thing was written by either Republic/Empire or Rebel fans. I have not met one writer/actor/animator that has worked on SW or TCW or anything...and say they are a CIS fan. I am guessing that like many fans, the writers of the vile book did not care as well for the CIS (How can anyone after Lucas's horrible portrayal of the CIS - nobody cares for the loosing team) so they just assumed that everybody went and "killed" them off. The descriptions of the deaths for all Separatists Council Leaders are just a basic copy and paste of the lame "Killed by Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader on Mustafar".

3. Tikkes was on Utapau and he is seen in every council scene. He greets Grievous even... But on Mustafar when ALL the leaders (who are there) have gathered to talk to Sidious, Tikkes is not there... then where is he?!!!?!?!?!?!! HA?! You would not miss a call from the Sith Lord Darth Sidious - PROOF that he is not on Mustafar at the time of the meeting of Vader and the massacre. 4. He should have gone and he should have been with all the leaders, he did not arrive late, cause Grievous said they had A SHIP waiting for them. They traveled as a group. If he was not on Mustafar with the others then he did not get on the ship with them on Utapau. Something changed his mind...

5. HE IS A AQUATIC CREATURE... I can not imagine the Quarren suffering on Tatooine, but Mustafar is the last place of a Squid-like alien that lives on aquatic worlds.

 There you have it: The Five points why Tikkes is NOT dead on Mustafar in "Revenge of the Sith".

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