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Most and Least Favorite Episode by Season

Season One Most Favorite episode: "Lair of Grievous" - NUFF SAID!

Season One Least Favorite episode: "Jedi Crash" - the episode did not work for cause it focused on my least favorite thing on the show. And the show always loses my interest when they try and try to make us worry about a person who is "dying" but in the end lives up until the end of ROTS! That always sucks. But the sky battle of Quell was kick-ass! Stunning rocket droids!

Season Two Most Favorite episode: "Cat and Mouse" hands down! I know it had Anakin in it but Admiral Trench stole the show. This episode also had a lot of something I loved about the first seasons - they really managed to show the POV of the villain of the episode. And Trench was so awesome to watch and listen!

Season Two Least Favorite episode: "Deathtrap". I really did not like the Fett arc finale. It was not that good. It was supposed to be about Boba taking revenge on Mace and it all went down the toilet after most of this episode and the arc focused on... you guessed it.. ANAKIN! And they do not even hide what a show off and a spolight thief he is! Boba was not that fun in it as he just moved around and played "Assassin's creed" with the crew. But Kilian ROCKED!

Season Three Most Favorite episode: The hard part now is there were not many good episode in S3 but the one that I love the most out of it is "Counterattack"!!! It was so fun! It was the most Star Wars-y episode of the series. If you ask me, it was the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK OF TCW! It had awesome Sobeck scenes, Tarkin banter, Jedi action, heroes losing and all the good stuff! I LOVE THIS EPISODE!

Season Three Least Favorite: There was a LOT OF S#%T that season but the most vile and disgusting episode was "Evil Plans"! What a waste of time and the story in it - there was NONE. Or if there was it, it could have been summed up in a newsreel. All the scenes were horrid and another droid episode failure. Note to self: If an episode has its own title in the newsreel then the episode will suck big time! WORST EPISODE OF THE SERIES!

Season Four Most Favorite episode: "MASSACRE" - do I even need to say why after all the praise and love I have been giving this GENIUS EPISODE!!! GENIUS, GENIUS, GENIUS... BEST EPISODE OF THE SERIES!

Season Four Least Favorite episode: "Shadow Warrior" - again it needs no explanation to why it is the worst for me! Only good thing to come out of it - Rish Loo! He is awesome!

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