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I find your lack of Jedi disturbing!


The Season is officially now in its second half and given what we have coming, there is something that doubtfully would change in terms of numbers - the amount of Jedi in this Season Four of "The Clone Wars"!

Have you all noticed how this season is the one with least new Jedi and the old ones we got back in previous season are mostly absent!?

For example, let's compare S2 and S3 then S3 and S4 but S1 will be skipped cause all the Jedi in were first seen in The Clone Wars movie:
(only those who made their TCW TV-series debut are shown below)

S2 had: Jocasta Nu, Bolla Ropal, Ki-Adi Mundi, Barriss Offee, Eeth Koth, Adi Galia, 

S3 had: Shaak Ti, Ima-Gun Di, Quinlan Vos, Halsey and Knox, Saesee Tiin, Even Piell, O-mer and Jinx. 

S4 has: Krell...

I am a CIS fanboy but what the ****, The Clone Wars? 

I know that counting Krell is kinda cheating cause most now consider Krell more a villain than a Jedi. Especially after making so much 501st clones dead (yay) but still he was introduced to us as a Jedi first and as a murderer and maniac later. 

Now I know that given the unpopularity of the CIS leaders and the CIS, I will have to live with the fact that Poggle was the last movie CIS leader I will see on this once stunning show but the Jedi and Jedi Order are a totally different thing! 

They are shoving Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan in our face now non-stop! Ok, Obi-Wan not that much.

I am sure that there are hundreds of people who want to see the many Jedi that populate this very Jedi-populated. I mean given just the Jedi in the movies, not to mention the ones in the EU of this period. I can devise a nice list of how many cool Jedi we could see in the time we see Anakin make faces or Obi-Wan get beaten to a pulp: 

  • Agen Kolar  ( He would have been better instead of Eeth Koth's pointless inclusion)
  • Serra Keto (She was fun in the Episode III game)
  • Sev (We can not have Sora Bulq so why not this guy in terms of Weequey Jedi)
  • Nem Bees (the Max Rebo of Jedi and why not visit his home!?)
  • Whie Malreaux (Whie's father, the Viscount, was extremely interested in the midi-chlorian phenomenon, and tried to genetically enhance natural midi-chlorians in Vjun's population. The experiment was only a partial success; the people went mad and started killing each other. Whie's mother Whirry, half drunk and crazy, gave him away to a passing Jedi - THAT SOUNDS LIKE AN EPIC EPISODE)
  • Cin Drallig ( We ALL want him)
  • Zett Jukassa (A good Jedi the show can give us a friend of Ahsoka and give us more how she acts with people her age and not just hanging out old geezers and so on)
  • Bene (it would be awesome instead of doing nothing with the overused Anakin, the show could show this padawan and present how she was a very close friend... and then in Episode III we see how Anakin chokes. In this way the show will finally make a scene in the movie stronger, unlike the way they are ruining the "My powers have doubled" moment with the bland overuse of Anakin and Dooku)
  • Ood Bnar ( Let's have this thing! He is a Neti and we haven't still seen them on the show or in the movies and they live for eons. Thanks to him we could have episodes connected to secrets of the Old Republic 5000 years BBY)
  • A'Sharad Hett AKA Darth Krayt (( Instead of wasting our times with the stupid past of the main "protagonist" (yeah right, he is more evil than Dooku) and portray a Jedi who is from the same planet as Anakin. By this they could give us an awesome foreshadowing of VADER!  He eventually became friends with the young Anakin Skywalker and helped Anakin come to terms with the destruction which had been wrought by the galaxy-wide war. I may HATE Anakin but I would love to see Hett!) 
  • Kai Hudorra ( A chance to see the famed Bothans in the show)
  • Rahm Kota  (We all know why we need Kota here - it would give so much weight and depth to his portrayal in TFU and TFUII by seeing him HATE clones but not being Krell. Imagine how Rex would react to clone-hater who is after Krell. It would be awesome...)
  • T'ra Saa (Another Neti Jedi who lives on 130 years after TCW so she would be nice to see cause she is basically a plant Jedi)
  • Kina Ha (A Kaminoan Jedi - nuff said)
  • Dass Jennir (Legolas of Star Wars who goes on to fight with Separatists who looks like Triceratopses against clones)
  • K'Kruhk ( No need to explain, his epicness and HAT tell you why we need this stunning Jedi Master on the show)
  • Zao ( He was a blind, elderly male Veknoid Jedi Master and an accomplished chef active during the final decades of the Republic Classic era. He is the same as podracer  Teemto Pagalies and he BLIND. For me it could be like a Kenshi from Mortal Kombat but in Star Wars form)
  • Beldorion ( Hear me out! A Hutt Jedi who survives Order 66. It is breaking of the Hutt stereotype of being just being evil and imagine / the show will more and more rely on using only the main bland characters/ how Ahsoka would react to a good Jedi after all the hate Anakin had fed her on Hutts but it is justified given how nasty and are Jabba & Ziro)
  • Vima-Da-Boda (it would be fun to see this crazy hag)
  • Ylenic It'kla ( He would be awesome cause he is of the alien species called Caamasi)
  • Quarmall (I really want to see a Jedi or anything from the Abyssin species, I love those cyclops) and many more that could make the show more diverse and interesting than what it is...

So I hope more awesome Jedi appear in the show soon...
What is your opinion on the matter and which Jedi do you want to see as soon as possible!? 
Thank you for reading! I hope you Jedi fans get more and more diverse, interesting and memorable Jedi!

May the Force be with you!

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  1. I know that TCW is Ashoka's story but as you say she must meet more Jedi than the handful that has been shown. I look forward to my only true fave Jedi's return. The return of Quinlan Vos ;)Great post my friend :)