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Dan Grievous and the S4 Second Half trailer

The trailer for the second half of "The Clone Wars" "Battle Lines" arrived with the conclusion of the Slavers arc.

How should I said it but I found it underwhelming! It looked beautiful but the content was the problem.
I love how that John Williams's music is again used only for trailer fuel. Let's face it! Anything that tries to advertise something is right away epic if it has any of Williams's Star Wars themes. Maybe cause of the sense of nostalgia for the old days. But anyhow...

The first new thing that pops up in the trailer is the return of Mace Windu. Just seeing him waving a lightsaber is awesome to see as the show had forgotten how badass Windu is. 

The curious thing and also annoying is the fact that Embo (that is the amazing thing) but the annoying thing is that he has captured Palpatine. That is kinda lame cause they are using again an element from ROTS and it feels lazy or demeaning to Episode III's somewhat good story.

I have nice little theory: 
This week Death Watch returns and....

What if Filoni was WRONG again! And he meant that the four part arc of Cad Bane and Obi-Wan starts on the 13th of January with the episode "Deception" and then it proceeds to end in... DUMB DUMB DUMB... "Crisis on Naboo". 
Again, the show's writers would prefer rehashing movie plots than giving us Gunray and Haako. I assume Palpi goes to Naboo for some stupid reason (He is Sidious after all so I expect his identity to explain why he is there and not actually saying on screen of visit's reasoning). 
So I doubt the Mandos will have anything to do with Bane and indeed it would like that guy Christian Taylor said a standalone Mando return and not an arc!

And back to the trailer! 

We are happy to see Pre Vizsla is sporting a new outfit and later in the trailer a new hair style. It is obvious Lucas is screaming "HASBROOOO, make this! I command it!".
And there are many blue blaster bolts behind Ahsoka and Pre in this show so maybe the Republic attacks or Lux gets a blaster!

Right with the first shot of Cad Bane and what I am 100% sure is Morallo Eval, a member of the Phindian race that Osi Sobeck was part of. We get Embo, a Rumi Paramita-like character and a bald guy in what appears to be one of the challenges all hunters seen in the trailer will take part to prove how badass they are. 

btw: I know I am being weird now but I think the bald guy with Chewbacca gear might be Obi-Wan in disguise. I mean the character does not look that creative and it seems it could mean Kenobi had a shave. And I know many have said it is impossible but you can grow/ perfect a nice Obi-Wan hair and beard in less than a year. Only time will tell.

Then we have more fan service in the form of Greedo in an obstacle course as well. 

The scene of all the bounty hunters in a room with sabers being shaked from the wall looked really silly. That and the line "More bounty hunters than you can shake a lightsaber at" made the scene even more goofy.
Way to go CN, another trailer/promo/preview you have ruined with your idiotic narrations. 
Next: Anakin's face was dumb as usual attacing maybe Dengar but the starting music was pretty awesomr for a trailer.

Ahsoka kicking mando bucketheads, I mean Death Watch. Now Ahsoka is beating them. Does that mean she is now more powerful than Obi-Wan cause he was beaten by these guys in S2. Maybe that or Pre and that Bo-Katan chick are not training them right! 

The animation on Cad Bane when he flies off the top of that ship was really well executed and it seemed we had a world pipes behind him. Malastare?! Doubt it...

Morallo Eval in full gear looking like the Phantom of the Opera. By the way, the style of his armor is quite alike the one Osi Sobeck wore and it looks a little like Dengar's TESB suit so maybe Dengar will kill Eval and take his armour as a trophy. Also, I think Eval is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. 

And the scene that seals the deal on how lame this second half could be - Obi-Wan getting shot again! Really!? 

What did happen between the writing of S3 and S4!? What is with the sudden hate for Obi-Wan from Lucas and company. For half a season Obi-Wan makes only cameos here and there but now since Umbara he has been beaten to death, strangled, shot, electro-shocked, whipped, humiliated and now shot again. If that is not somebody on TCW crew dishing hate on Obi-Wan then I do not know what is. That is also compared to what a god-like moron Anakin is who has gotten electrocuted this season around 4 or 5  times and in the end manages to come out on top again. So I am sad for the treatment of Obi-Wan.

So that is it from the trailer. Not much. And I am saying that it did not feel that good because I compared it to the last season's second half trailer and that one felt so much more better! Mainly based on the scenes shown in both trailers, the S3's second half  trailer bashes the new one for S4's second half into the ground. 
The last season's second half showed a lot of promiss, even though out of that promiss only the Citadel was an amazing addition to the show, the other two arcs not so much. But still better than just rehashing ideas over and over. The S4 second half felt like I was rewatching clips from S2 Rise of the Bounty Hunters, clips from Hostage Crisis and Shadow Warrior. The last one being the AWFUL THIRD TIME this season of Anakin vs Dooku that I did not mention above. 

That is the worse and not cause of how much by this point I hate both Dooku and the Chosen One but how this is the Clone War and it has tons of Jedi opponents for Dooku to fight. How cool would have been if they removed Anakin and put in Plo Koon!? EPICNESS right there! 

I hope this part of the season turns out better than I expect but I doubt it.
I hope you all enjoy it! I know some will just for the appearance of Cad Bane again. Here's looking at you, Josh Mekola! 

So thank you for reading and May the Force be with you!

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  1. THANK YOU! Finally someone agrees with me that Morallo Eval has a resemblance to Dengar's suit!

    By the way, in this pic, it does not look like the Phindian dude's head is a head, it looks like it may be a mask of sorts!: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=318358421537237&set=a.318357874870625.74350.107795539260194&type=3&theater