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Dan Grievous reviews "Escape from Kadavo"

This is my review of the finale of the Slavers arc episode “Escape from Kadavo”!

Right from the start the episode looks great visually! Agruss in the last episode might have looked boring and stupid, now proved awesome in the right lighting and with the right lines! He WAS so cool!
The idea of how Obi-Wan fell on his knees just to save others was a great concept. It was even greater when he did so to save a togruta and then the Togruta was ungrateful and said that the Jedi make things worse. What a FUN concept! The Zygerrians are really cunning and I love them!
Sidious – pointless as usual! He was just shown to remind us that he exists but does nothing. So boring! If Filoni wants to use Sidious, use him and not just put him like some Christmas decoration.

Obviously the preview clips we saw were right after each other and together they were even more of what I said – regurgitated stupidity from the last episode. These two episodes show that while THE CLONE WARS wants to convey passing of time, the fact that they never mention how long has Anakin been on Zygerria/ Kenobi on Kadavo makes the series suffer. If they said that it has been a month or something, it would show that the Zygerrians have a good control on things and that the Jedi are suffering but not loosing hope. But if only two days have passed then I must say that Anakin/Obi-Wan/Ahsoka are a bunch of whiners who are too easy to break unlike other Jedi in the past like Bolla Ropal or Even Piell!
Anakin’s lines in the scene were both annoying and very contradicting. The moron says he runs from nothing and by that promising that he keeps his word. Then in the next scene when the Queen leaves, he escapes and runs away! Oh, Anakin, you are a great role-model! No wonder why GL is so fond of you!
Still surprised the Zygerrian flew, yes, flew 100 stories down managed to lift his head… I think after such a fall he would be jelly on the sidewalk at the bazaar!
Dooku enters like a king but being alone with no cape makes me think he is some lost mental patient coming to Miraj for directions. He looks so un-COUNT-like! More like a peasant!

Atai Molec’s making of that animal growl makes the entire Zygerrian concept in the show the more beastly. So far, I must say as the arc is closing I LOVE THE ZYGERRIANS and I did not dislike anything about them. One of the best built SW societies on the show. They are leaders with schemes/ ideas, they are backstabbers, they are powerful warriors, they are cunning and corpulent and more. The arc might have been weak but the race of villains (face it, some races in SW one might think are just villains and maniacs). Back to Molec! I must say that the show doesn’t like Prime Ministers and makes all of them backstabbing bastards who betray female leaders. I am not saying that because it is sexist but it is fact that the only other such relationship was with Satine and Almec. Even the names sound alike. Satine – Scintel, Molec – Almec.
The transition with the glass was superb. I must say that I think that for the first time in the show we have seen some character narrating scenes other than the narrator in the newsreel.
When Dooku said that Atai might do his bidding that reminded me of the great episode “Ambush” where Katuunko refused Dooku’s proposal and then the Count expressed his faith in Katuunko’s successor. Sweet and dark echo!
Atai Molec’s face was so epic when he was enjoying the Queen being choked by Dooku. By the way, is it me or is Miraj one of the most either stupid or the bravest character that does not have the Force and stands up to the Sith Lord. In the end, I think she was both and she just forgot who she was talking to. Maybe Zygerria is out of touch with the galaxy and Queen Scintel has not heard of the horrid things the Count does to even people who do GOOD for him. Let us take a moment to remember Rish Loo…
The duel or repetitiveness number 3 was underwhelming and boring! One thing – thanks to Dooku for the fourth time has suffered for his “crimes” in the show! I might not like Dooku but he, at least, gives me some pay off at times.
The way how Dooku pointed the guards to Anakin as the killer of the Queen has been done to death in all media! So that was not that stunning.
Outside Ahsoka awaited with the ship and is it me or the way Ahsoka has started to talk in the show is like if she is bored/tired of living or something.
The music when Anakin was jumping through the window was very beautiful but knowing that was Anakin there is no suspense!

The change of the line in the end of Scintel’s line made me glad cause to the end she was evil and even laughed a little at the Chosen One!

The scene when Anakin/Ahsoka attacked, I was reminded of something I hate on Dooku. Everytime he is can allow his henchman to kill Obi-Wan, Dooku always postpones for some stupid reason and gives Obi-Wan a window of opportunity to get free or fight his way out. Here with Agruss, before with Darts D’Nar. Dooku just order them to shoot and get it over with.

Anakin AGAIN /gasp/ makes the most idiotic faces. At this point is like mandatory for him to look like an pig in the face.
I love Plo Koon but again he did what he has done for the last three seasons – be the last hope and come to rescue the Heroes who failed! Go Plo!
During the battle, I must admire how cool-looking is all Zygerrian tech. Bravo, TCW!
The move that Plo Koon did with his fighter was really cool and kind of shows that they are doing with him what they should have been doing since last season with Master Tiin  - show off how badass of a pilot he is!
The scenes where Agruss was working on the computer and bashing the living daylights out of it, made me laugh hard. Maybe cause it felt relatable to anybody who has had tantrums with their computers! I said myself “Man! Agruss must be using Windows Vista, the poor guy!”.

The scenes with Ahsoka talking about the Kiros people being “her people” felt fake and unreal. The reason is that sources have pointed out many times that she is from the same planet as Shaak Ti Shili and making Ahsoka say “her people” to the people of Kiros does not make sense even if they are togrutas. It would be like me, a Bulgarian, to say “my people” for Germans or Russians just cause they are Caucasian. It is just silly! But anyway, Ahsoka gets to the slaves and then I must say we see how effective the Zygerrians are – from 50 000 citizens of Kiros to just over 20 or so. It could be really sad that over 40 000 people found their death while Anakin was making faces or maybe the Clone Wars team was lazy to animate a really huge pile of people leaving. We will never know.
We get another final Wolf Pack cameo for the fans to enjoy and, of course, they rescue the slaves. DUH!
And with this scene I get another annoying reminder from TCW team. They go out of their way to bring in cameos of Republic characters from the past like Coburn and Warthog BUT a cameo from my favorite Tikkes or the mandatory appearance from Shu Mai is TOOO TABOO! Damn double standards…
SO, Obi-Wan finds a loop-hole in the Jedi code and does not kill (he wanted to, we all saw it) but makes another person do it. Way to go, Kenobi, you evil cheating son of gun. Making others do your dirty work. Agruss is stabbed by the overused and annoying Rex. Then the dead Keeper proceeds to fly full speed into a monitor – unnecessary but The Clone Wars team loves being cruel to villains and villain fans. That was another thing they changed as Agruss did not die in the comic but the killing is done.
The heroes are victorious as the slaves are saved (all 10 of them), the Hub is destroyed and the episode/ arc ends on a painful boasting of how amazing Ahsoka is! That felt really really forced and out of nowhere as everybody contributed their fair share to the conclusion of the arc, not just the padawan. Yes, she did suggest the whole cruiser under the Hub plan but the group could be also worshiping Plo for coming or Anakin for destroying for less than 10 seconds turrets that many gunships could not for more than 5 minutes.
Whatever, it is over!

The episode was good as whole. Mainly cause of the evil contained. If it did not have that going for it, it would surely suck more than Umbara. Come to think of it, this arc was also kinda written by Henry Gilroy and this arc had one of the best villain in a while.  Maybe I think he was the man who gave me all the epic villains of the first season. The villains Miraj Scintel, Atai Molec and Agruss ruled.
The heroes were lame and overused as always. Except Obi-Wan. I feel sorry for him as he suffered the most in this adventure. Poor Obi-Wan.
The action in the end was decent and it is always epic to see my favorite Jedi Plo Koon.

Overall, good episode 7 out 10 and good arc in the end 7/10.
Not the best mainly cause it focused on something I despise very much and do not want to see. Maybe also cause it was based on a comic I red 2 years ago might have not helped with my enjoyment but I never knew they would adaptations one day.
But what the arc sucked in subject matter, it made up with amazing villains and they made me really, really happy! The Zygerrians rule and one of my favorite species now!

Thank you for reading my first review and May the Force be with you!

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